Our Approach

There are many elements to learning tap.  Technique, rhythm, musicality, and the fun bit, doing it!

Although developing proper technique is a focus of every class, even at the very advanced level, at Isabelle’s Academy of Tap students enjoy, from the very first lesson, the immediate pleasure of applying what they know in the form of a dance routine.

Each class follows a progressive and graded course appropriate to the tap level of the class. This is then creatively applied in the choreography of a variety of dance routines, which develops performance skills. Each dance reflects a different style of music and tap technique, and when completed, becomes part of the program in the end of year performance.

Improvisation is an added feature in the more advanced classes to develop the student’s own style, musicality, rhythm and self expression.

Consistent attendance throughout the year is advised to practice and improve skill levels and to learn the dance routines.



Often referred to as the most professional amateur show in town, the highlight of every year is the end of year performance in early December.

Dance routines are completed, practiced and polished, costumes decided, theatre procedure and stage-craft discussed, then the run-through of the entire program, the dress-rehearsal, and finally the audience, the spot-lights and the performances!

Held each year in the intimate Collingwood College Theatre, this is an opportunity to show family and friends all that the students have achieved over the year. You might even be tempted to join us. This inspiring concert showcases why tap is for everyone at any age.

Bored with gyms? Want a form of exercise that is fun and non-competitive? Join the men and women of all ages at Isabelle’s Academy of Tap who give their heart and soul to dance and rhythm.

Gift Vouchers Available

Looking for a unique gift? Why not try giving the gift of dance. We have Gift Vouchers available for all of our tap classes.

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