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What to Wear

Tap dancing tends to be pretty energetic so you should wear comfortable clothing that breaths. Cotton and cotton blends are generally good. At Isabelle’s Academy of Tap there is no uniform and certainly no dress code. Dress to be comfortable!!! Its not about looking the best in class, its really all about the dancing!

Tap Shoes

You don’t have to have tap shoes for your very first lesson. You should feel free to come along and try this dance style before committing to purchasing shoes. If you don’t have tap shoes for your first lesson, please make sure that you wear a shoe that is enclosed and supportive and preferably without a rubber sole. Rubber tends to stick to the floor and makes your job as a tapper just that much more difficult. Leather soles are the best. Thongs, sandals and high heels are not recommended.

Buying Shoes

We recommend a leather character shoe with a box toe to support the toes and a firm sole to support the feet. For guys, its pretty straight forward !. Girls, you need to choose between high heels, medium heels, flat, or men’s. Our recommendation would be for a medium heel or flat heel to start off with. High heels just make it that much harder!!! If you decide to continue on with your tap lessons you do need a proper tap shoe. Isabelle or Megan can advise you where to purchase your shoes.

Gift Vouchers Available

Looking for a unique gift? Why not try giving the gift of dance. We have Gift Vouchers available for all of our tap classes.

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